Spring Cleaning: The Definitive Guide

(Beyond the Checklist)

Spring Cleaning: The Definitive Guide

Most people would agree that regular maintenance of the home is best.

But we are all either too busy or too tired.

Or both.

So what happens when clothes pile up, stains become more apparent, and marks on the walls start looking like a mural?

Or perhaps clutter has just reached a point where it starts having a life of it’s own?

So what can we do about it?

You guessed it!

Don’t worry. It’s actually not that daunting. You just need a comprehensive spring cleaning guide to help you every step of the way.

Why should I clean my home?

Home Cleaning Icon

This is ideal if you:

  • Are preparing for the arrival of a new baby
  • Want to increase productivity and improve creativity
  • Want to sell your home for the highest price possible
  • Want to say to your friends, “Yes, come over!” instead of “Sorry, my place is a mess”

Did you know…?

Clutter can increase stress by distracting us and overwhelming our senses with extraneous stimuli”

– Jonathan Fader Ph.D

Sometimes printable checklists aren’t enough. You can google them, but there’s a lot of other things that goes into deep cleaning your home.

You’ll find below some of the best spring cleaning tips and tricks to get your home looking brand new again.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

The Ultimate List of the
Web’s Best Spring Cleaning Resources

Web's best Spring Cleaning Resources

Spring cleaning should be broken up into 8 different but very important chapters. Each chapter contains the best tips available on the web. From getting motivated to start, all the way to maintaining a good habit, this guide has you covered.



How to get motivated and restore your home to brand new again

Having a plan

Before we begin, we need to have a clear plan.

Below are some fantastic pages to get your mind, body and equipment ready for the big clean.

Understanding clutter

Preparing your mind


How to be organized with spring cleaning checklists

Checklist of spring cleaning preparations

Now that your mind is in the right place, and you have all the necessary equipment, you need to think about where you plan to clean.

Below are some of the best checklists and spring cleaning ideas that you can either refer to or print out to help you along.

Printable checklists for you to tick off as you go along

Thorough checklists so you don’t miss a spot


How to ensure you have everything you need

Spray Bottle

Having the right products to use is half the battle.

You’ll save a lot more time if you have everything you need before you begin.

Below are resources of what equipment you should have, as well as some that you can make yourself.

Cleaning Equipment

DIY Products


How to finish in half the time by getting help from family

Getting help to finish faster

If you are looking to clean your entire house, it is likely that it will take a whole day, or maybe even a few days.

Perhaps it is time your husband or children rolled up their sleeves and started helping!

Below are some of the best tips to that going.

How to get your children to help

How to get your husband to help

Brilliant hacks

Listening to music


Avoid being stuck asking yourself whether you should throw or keep

Giving your old belongings away

You will inevitably find that as you start cleaning and tidying your wardrobes and cupboards, you’ll be faced with tough decisions on what to keep and what to throw away.

It just so happens, the decisions are not that difficult.

You just need to follow a formula.

What to keep, and what to throw away?

What can I donate?


Breeze through with ease by following step-by-step instructions

Tough areas to clean

Having a checklist will give you an idea of what areas will need to be cleaned.

But in order to get the most out of our time, here are some of the best step-by-step instructions on the most important areas to be cleaned.


Living areas




Create an awe inspiring home with these brilliant organisational ideas

Arranging your furniture

What good is cleaning your whole house if you can’t appreciate the hard work afterwards?

Here are some absolutely brilliant ideas on brightening up the look of your home.





How to avoid spring cleaning again!

Keeping the house tidy afterwards

You have done extremely well to get this far already. Pat yourselves on the back!

Now take a deep breath and ask yourselves, “Do you want to do this again next year?”

If not, then below are some tips on keeping your house tidy, or you can simply hire a cleaner to give you a spring cleaning quote.

Training your kids

Getting into a good habit

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